Improvements in Study & Countermeasure Techniques and Evaluation & Control Methods
GEPC makes an accurate study, analysis, and evaluation on contamination conditions and their effects on surrounding areas, also studying countermeasure techniques, control methods, and re-use of treated soil to offer a most efficient and economical measure.

Study and Research in Japan and Overseas
GEPC cooperates with a number of research institutes both in Japan and overseas, participates in international conferences, and dispatches study missions to overseas. The information, findings, and materials obtained from these activities are used to form appropriate systems and site investigation and remediation techniques in Japan.

Propagation and PR Activities
GEPC holds study meetings, seminars, and lecture meetings for the purpose of improving and propagating knowledge and techniques on soil and groundwater contaminations. The Center also circulates journals that introduces above activities and its results, as well as technical magazines.

Grant work of qualification
GEPC carry out the following grant work of qualifications for engineers and managers to help improve the reliability of surveying soil and groundwater contamination as well as of taking countermeasures of reducing the contamination in the soil and groundwater.

1) Authorized Geo-Environmental Senior Engineer (Dojyo-kankyo kanri-shi)
This qualification is granted to reliable senior engineers who have the appropriate knowledge and judgment ability concerning survey and reducing soil and groundwater contamination.

2) Authorized Geo-Environmental Engineer for Safety of Field Work (Dojyo-kankyo hozen-shi)
This qualification is granted to reliable engineers who have the skills in (1) Work safety, (2) Environmental consciousness (e.g., preventing contamination from diffusion), and (3) Quality control (securing safety standard for field work).

3) Authorized Geo-Environmental Manager for risk management (Dojyo-kankyo risuku kanri-sya)
The qualification is granted to land managers who have basic knowledge concerning the total determination of pollution of land, prevent soil and groundwater contamination and maintain and improve the asset value of land.

Delivery of Control Manifest of Contaminated Soil Disposal
At the request of the Japan Environment Association, which is the designated supporting corporation, the GEPC delivers Control Manifest of Contaminated Soil Disposal with Contributions.